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Digital technology

Talking tech for functionality, fix and fit.

Orora’s digital offering includes website development, mobile applications and store profiling. We work closely with our customers to conduct in-depth analysis of the supply chain and identify improvement opportunities that meet your specific customer needs.

IntegraColor, our specialist North American business, offers diverse and sophisticated integrated point-of-sale technology solutions. Our expertise is based on years of global experience and our solutions can simplify and overcome many typical challenges.

Website development

Our in-house developers and designers are skilled at collaborating with customers to improve e-commerce systems and overall web presence. We develop, design and host websites and customise databases for customers. For each project, we create unique and powerful applications.

We combine appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools. Whether it’s a logistics solution, inventory control system or the ability to design online, we can help with ideas that are scalable and user-friendly.

Mobile applications

Nearly 90% of shoppers now use mobile devices while in store, as part of their purchase decision. We help retailers develop direct relationships with shoppers through innovative mobile experiences to drive bigger purchases and repeat visits.

Store profiling

We develop mobile platforms to create customised sales audits, to share data and enable employees to work more effectively in the field. Surveys and photos are automatically geo-tagged to help eliminate errors and oversights. 

We can cater to the capabilities of each retail outlet. Our store profiling system narrows the available selection of POP items, depending on the display capacity of an individual retail location. We also help record each location’s hardware needs and placement parameters, and provide customised usage reports.

Our systems and approach reduce the complexity of data collection, analysis and reporting.

Digital technologies

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