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US-based IntegraColor was acquired by Orora in March 2016, significantly enhancing Orora’s packaging solutions capability and international footprint. IntegraColor provides high quality point-of-purchase (POP) retail display solutions and other visual communications services to corporate customers across the consumer (including food and beverage), horticulture and healthcare/education sectors.

Lowe’s has been serving customers for 70 years with stores across America, Canada and Mexico. For the past 15 years, IntegraColor has partnered with Lowes, producing over 200 million plant tags each year that are distributed to Lowes’ suppliers throughout North America, who apply them to plants that they then ship to Lowes stores.

In the US, over 60% of consumers keep plant tags for future reference, as they are not just a product label, but serve as a user guide. However, the tags are not an adequate size to provide the level of detail that consumers need to ensure they enjoy a successful and satisfying gardening experience after their purchase. 


Relishing the opportunity to add value, IntegraColor proactively developed Lowe’s Plant Guide website, where consumers can access more detailed information about the plants they purchase. This virtual extension of the plant tag began with a URL, followed by a QR Code that was scanned with an App, and is now accessed with a simple text message.  Consumers text the plant code to a phone number, click on the link they receive and are taken to a webpage outlining all they need to know about their purchase; from planting and watering, to feeding and pruning instructions.

IntegraColor also maintains the website database, which contains valuable intelligence on over 15,000 plants compiled by IntegraColor’s own horticulturists, who update it daily.  Changes and additions made on the website are instantly added to the next print run of plant tags. This real-time process ensures that Lowes customers have a consistent experience of their live products - be it in store, at home or online.


IntegraColor was the first to create an online extension of the plant tag and continues to evolve and enhance the solution and the experience. This collaboration has seen Lowes grow their business, leading their competition through innovation, and building further trust in their long-term partnership with IntegraColor, that promises to drive growth for Lowes well into the future.

For 2017 “Grow Together” codes will be added to Lowes plant tags and website to make it fast and easy for consumers to find plants that grow well together in the same landscape.  This patent pending system provides Lowes a tool to help grow revenue.

The mobile website extension of the plant tag will continue to evolve in the future with GPS specific care information on the drawing board.  In North America, how you care for one variety of plant in Chicago, Illinois, may be very different to how you care for it in Dallas, Texas.   GPS positioning will enable us to provide location-specific plant care information that promotes gardening success and satisfaction.   This evolution will send alerts and reminders to consumers, and ignite product-matching and suggestions via the website.