A cardboard breakthrough brings virtual reality into the everyday

Designing ingenuity that makes the impossible, possible.

Imagine a piece of cardboard that could turn your mobile phone into a virtual reality device… Designers at Landsberg Orora in San Jose, US had to dream big when they were challenged to help develop and deliver a virtual reality (VR) viewer made out of cardboard. Orora’s designers collaborated desk-to-desk with the customer’s design team to discuss strategy, form and structure.

This VR viewer has a simple yet sophisticated design. A magnet on the left creates a sliding input that requires no physical or electronic connection to your mobile phone; a rubber band that keeps it from sliding around; two lenses for viewing; an NFC (Near-Field Communication) label to automatically launch an App when a phone is inserted; and Velcro to seal the device, all encased in a single piece of pre-cut cardboard.

A dedicated team was formed and spent countless hours planning to execute this total packaging solution. With Landsberg Orora’s complete packaging capabilities, we were not only able to help design the viewers, but also create prototypes, manufacture the viewers, assemble and ship them. This allowed us to leverage the most cost effective methods throughout the process so that our customer could focus their efforts on the marketing and promotion of their product rather than the operations and logistics.


The aspiration was to make cardboard into something more than just a box, something that interacts with people in ways they didn’t think were possible. It was smart in its simplicity and inexpensive to produce.


Today, we continue to produce these units for our customer, but have since expanded to help other companies take advantage of the innovative corrugated design to launch their own marketing campaigns. With Landsberg Orora’s custom printing capabilities, we can transform an ordinary virtual reality viewer made out of cardboard into a unique user experience for a variety of brands.