Fresh food lives longer in its very own habitat

The world’s most innovative top-seal tray.

The expert team at Orora Fresh offers customers across the US, Canada and Mexico a product range that is specially designed to keep food and produce ultra fresh and extend its shelf-life. Incorporating a breadth of clever, proprietary features, habitat™ is a new line of rigid plastic containers for fresh fruit and vegetables that preserves freshness using top-seal lidding, specifically catering for the needs of the agricultural sector, produce growers and packers.

habitat™ boasts a unique HideAwayVents™ system, strategically placed on the inside of the tray to ensure a breathable environment for live products. Where soft fruit is traditionally exposed to hard ridges, ribbing or corners, the smooth edges around the base of the tray eliminate pressure points, creating a gentle cradle to further protect sensitive goods from potential bruising that can result in spoiled products and food waste. JuiceTrap™ can also be included in any tray, to keep juices away from products on display, so that they remain unaffected by moisture.


habitat™ was invented in response to a visible market trend indicating that fresh food packagers were moving away from traditional trays, with rigid tops and bottoms, and changing their preference to more versatile, top-seal trays. After extensive research, habitat™ trays were developed and prototyped, and sample trays were tested in the market to gain valuable customer feedback that ultimately finalised the concept to bring the all new range to fruition. This superior design from Orora Fresh leads the market by improving the characteristics of the tray’s rigid bottom and providing a flexible top that boasts a TotalFlange™ fully-sealed rim – 85% stronger than other flanges in the market.


The habitat™ family of trays offers the best environment to protect produce on the retail floor. The increased side strength and precision curves that disappear into the tray’s side wall, create a perfect, crystal clear display case for fresh food. Trays are compatible with automated packing machines, ensuring an efficient and cost effective packing process and are also better for the environment, using 30% less plastic materials than traditional trays, and incorporating removable film for full recyclability. Now available in North America, exclusively and directly from Orora Fresh, habitat™ trays come in nine varieties and sizes.