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Orora offers a diverse range of custom and stock rigid packaging solutions – from thermoform trays and lidding films, to clamshell and blister packaging. We design rigid packaging solutions to protect products, enhance visibility and preserve quality. Our solutions meet international standards and approvals for direct food contact.

Our team can design, prototype and manufacture virtually any packaging solution. Whether it is custom thermoformed packaging or a stock item, we will deliver what is needed to protect your product and preserve its freshness. Our capabilities include 3D printing and design, as well as production grade prototypes that can be delivered to market at speed.

Rigid packaging

Thermoform trays

We offer custom thermoform trays as well as a full line of stock trays to meet any packaging need. Many customers are in the food, technology and healthcare industries. Our rapid prototyping and speed-to-market capabilities mean our packaging solutions help customers bring products to market without the operational costs associated with other rigid packaging solutions.

Rigid packaging

Lidding films

Orora offers world class lidding films including microwaveable, resealable, barrier and laser perforated films. We also offer a variety of alternate films for packaging fresh produce, salads, ready-made meals, frozen foods, electronics and medical devices.

Rigid packaging


We supply custom and stock clamshells made from PET and RPET resins (up to 100% RPET) to protect products from supply chain hazards, without compromising the visual clarity of the containers. We offer a complete range of clamshell products, including multiple lock types, vent types and styles such as modular or stackable.

Rigid packaging

Blister packaging

Our custom blister packaging includes PVC, PET and RPET varieties. Blister packaging can help increase product shelf-life and allows easy visibility without jeopardising quality. Blister packaging is an ideal solution for retail environments, for packaging beauty products, medical and pharmaceutical products and more.


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