So good we bottle it.

We are experts at crafting sophisticated, stand out glass bottles that build on the brand strategies of our customers. We collaborate with you to deliver on the promise of what’s inside.

Our state-of-the-art glass facility produces bottles for all beverage types from beer, wine, cider and alcoholic ready-to-drink styles to carbonated soft drinks and juices.

With a passionate team of specialist glass engineers and packaging designers, we offer fully customised glass packaging solutions. Together we work with you to ensure our bottles perform optimally throughout the entire supply chain from manufacture through to final consumption. We aspire to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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Glass bottles

Wine bottles

As one of Australia’s leading glass bottle manufacturers, we provide complete packaging solutions for winemakers all across the Asia-pacific region. We proudly support any size producer, from small boutique wineries through to multinational brands and global wine distributors.

With over 30 standard bottle designs and seven colours to choose from, we offer diverse and inspired choices from 200ml to 1.5L wine bottles. Beyond our standard bottle range, we can create completely customised bottle shapes of any form, size or design.

Glass bottles

Beer bottles

We manufacture and import stock and custom designed bottles for beer and cider. With multiple designs available in amber and green glass, we work with you to ensure you find the right bottle to suit your brand and product requirements.

We can also help you create your perfect bottle design through embossing, shrink sleeving or exploring our imported bottle range.

Glass bottles

Sparkling, riesling and fortified

We offer a versatile range of imported standard beverage bottles. We also work with customers to develop proprietary ranges for specific lines and product releases.

Glass bottles

Embossing and debossing

Creating a unique bottle design is easy using our embossing and debossing expertise. Bring your brand to life through creative designs that can be applied to the neck, shoulder, label panel and base of any bottle.

Our team of glass specialist work with our customers to develop customised and proprietary bottles with their branding and heritage messaging.

Glass bottles

Shrink sleeve technology

Printed shrink sleeves take your brand to the next level by using 100% of the surface area to transform any bottle into a powerful marketing tool. Tell your brand story through 360 degrees of marketing space wrapped around your entire bottle.

Download a copy of the Orora Shrink Sleeve Brochure 

Glass bottles

Anti-counterfeit technology

With counterfeiting and product tampering on the rise, we work closely with our customers to protect brand reputation and ensure consumer safety through sophisticated anti-counterfeit technology. Brand owners and consumers can easily identify fake products and this technology can be applied across large and small scale promotions.


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