Climate Change


Right across our business, we’re bringing team members on this journey with us, to ensure all of our actions and activities stay focused on reducing our Co2 emissions and our overall climate impact

We focus on

GHG reduction

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our business has been core to our sustainability approach, as a foundational Eco Target. It remains an ongoing pursuit as we aim to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050 from a 2019 baseline, combining energy, waste and risk management tactics and leveraging technology. As important as this is our interim target to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 40% by 2035 from a 2019 baseline

When we innovate to increase the recycled content in our bottles, we not only create less waste, but reduce our emissions, too. This is because it’s much less energy-intensive to make a bottle from existing pieces of glass than from raw materials like sand.

Energy efficiency

We’re decarbonising our operations, becoming more energyy efficient is also contributing to Orora’s decarbonisation

We are committed to driving energy efficiency in our operations every day, working closely with our sites to identify opportunities for improvement in resource efficiency and actively sharing these learnings across our broader operations.

Climate risk analysis

We recognise that climate change may present risks that could impact our future profitability and prospects. We continually re-examine the sustainability landscape to identify emerging risks and opportunities, to determine how we best approach those of greatest importance to Orora. This reflects our ongoing commitment to understanding our exposure to material risks in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Recommendation 7.4[1]

Renewable energy

We’re making smart use of renewable energy sources – for example, sourcing wind-generated electricity to supply the equivalent of 80% of Orora’s total electricity requirements in Australia and installing solar systems wherever we can.

We’re finding alternate ways to purchase, produce and use electricity.

Adding renewables to our energy mix also supports our strong commitment to improving the sustainability outcomes of the products and services we provide.


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