Circular Economy


The scale of our business means the average consumer in the countries where we operate could come into contact with an Orora product every week. That’s why it’s so important for us to play our part – because even small changes can have a large, cumulative effect.

We focus on

Recycled content

At Orora we proudly manufacture many products made of materials that are infinitely recyclable and focus on making that certain our core packaging and visual solutions contain as much recycled content as possible.

That means innovating so we can increase the waste glass, known as cullet, in our bottles, and finding new ways to ensure our signage and visual solutions are produced from recycled materials.

Our glass beneficiation plant being built at Gawler will increase the recycled content in our glass packaging, avoid cullet going to landfill and reduce the need for virgin material to be used in our production process.

Recyclable packaging

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring our manufactured packaging is recyclable and pro-actively build resource recovery into our packaging design.

Many of our products are infinitely recyclable, which means they can be melted down and re-created, time and time again.

When you enjoy a drink from one of our aluminium cans and put it in the recycling bin, it can be back in your hands in 180 days!

Renewable substrates

In recent years, there has been a notable shift towards the use of cleaner, more renewable substrates as we, and our customers, prioritise a more sustainable approach for our planet.

That’s why sourcing and utilising low impact raw materials is increasingly a consideration for our traded products. It is also why all of our primary manufactured substrates are also recyclable.


Forest Chain of Custody Certification ensures our raw materials and finished fibre-based products maintain transparency and traceability to responsible fibre sources.

We hold Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Chain of Custody and Sustainable Forest Initiative® (SFI) Certified sourcing status across a number of our North American operations


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