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Orora’s first strategic priority is 'innovate to lead'. We are passionate about providing cutting edge solutions for customers. We have a keen understanding of consumer trends and preferences because that is crucial to delivering innovative packaging solutions.

Research and technology

Thermal laboratory

At our Landsberg facility in San Diego, Orora’s thermal lab conducts an array of tests to provide customers with the best possible packaging solution, including mapping ambient temperature changes, measuring shock absorbency and assessing vibration while a package is in transit.

Research and technology

Cold chain solutions

Temperature variation throughout the supply chain is a challenge for customers in the healthcare and food industries. With cold chain testing capabilities, Orora is continuing to set the standard in innovative packaging solutions for specialist industries.

Research and technology

Transport simulation

Using our onsite transport simulator testing room, we test packaging in diverse transportation simulations, ensuring our customers’ products are delivered in pristine condition to the end user.

Research and technology

Package testing

Orora partners with customers in North America to develop, test and assess packaging to assure it complies with all applicable standards. Find out more about our testing capability in North America by clicking below.

Orora ISTA-Certified Package Testing


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