Intent on innovation, driven by science.

Orora’s first strategic priority is 'innovate to lead'. We are passionate about providing cutting edge solutions for customers. We have a keen understanding of consumer trends and preferences because that is crucial to delivering innovative packaging solutions.

Our highly specialised, world-leading Research and Technology Centre is unrivalled in its ability to add value. At the forefront of science and technology, our team of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, physicists and technicians are the industry experts.

Research and technology

Fibre resource laboratory

Our fibre resource laboratory specialises in recycled fibre assessments, fibre analysis, paper making simulations and pulp evaluation, and hand sheet making.

Research and technology

Paper and packaging laboratory

Accredited by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities, our paper and packaging laboratory examines paper characteristics, board properties and box performance.

Research and technology

Forensics laboratory

Our state-of-the-art Forensics Laboratory offers food contact testing to ensure compliance with a range of standards, reverse engineering and benchmarking, and deposit analysis and trouble shooting.

Research and technology

Transport simulation

Using our onsite transport simulator testing room, we test packaging in diverse transportation simulations, ensuring our customers’ products are delivered in pristine condition to the end user.


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