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Logistics services

We keep it all moving.

We know that logistics and supply chain management involve far more than just arranging the transfer of packaged goods. Our global scale, logistics network and proven expertise enable us to offer a powerful range of services to maximise efficiencies and optimise management practices.

Whether it’s an in person inventory audit of facilities or overall management of your supply chain network, our team of supply chain experts will partner with you to develop a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system that can deliver efficiencies and operational gains.

We can also streamline inventory management using our online fulfilment portals and our distribution centres. Customers can view inventory levels online, search by item number or graphic, and promote slower moving items using our web fulfilment portal.

We collaborate with our customers to build customised innovative solutions. Together we plan, design and monitor every stage of your supply chain process.

Just-in-time delivery

We help our customers maximise warehousing space without the stress of inventory management. Our team will analyse existing operations and forecast 'just-in-time' models to deliver product precisely when customers need it and drive cost-efficiencies.

Labour optimisation

We offer performance based labour management solutions, which are critical to a sustainable supply chain. We work closely with customers to develop incentive programs and recommend output KPIs for optimum productivity.

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