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Leaders in the packaging industry, Landsberg Orora offers one of the largest inventories of packaging materials and supplies in the world. From boxes and tape to cushioning materials and glues, Orora can provide every packaging product that you can imagine.

Our trusted partnerships and global network of suppliers enables us to source the very latest products at the most competitive prices. Our culture is founded on quality and everything that we do has the customer in mind. From creating easy-to-use e-commerce platforms, to maintaining a large sales workforce, to quickly and efficiently dealing with our customers' needs, Orora’s united effort is focused to support our customers' ambitions.

Our packaging and distribution products include: packaging and speciality tapes, protective packaging, plastic stretch/shrink wraps, strapping and strapping systems, poly products, adhesives, sealants, glues, cartons, boxes and paper, PPE and OH&S products, cleaning and janitorial products and office and warehouse accessories.

Importantly, Orora has ISO9001 accreditation, ensuring we continuously monitor and improve our key business processes to provide an optimum service for our customers.

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General packaging materials and supplies

Janitorial supplies

We offer janitorial supplies to care for offices, factories and warehouses. Our extensive range includes brooms and dust pans, bin liners, cleaners, cleaning supplies, mops and buckets, towels and tissues, sanitary products, rubbish bins and more.

General packaging materials and supplies

Safety supplies

At Orora, safety is our first focus - for our team as well as our customers. We are proud to offer complete safety solutions to maintain safe and clean work environments. From bump caps and ear plugs to safety harnesses and clean room equipment, we can create custom safety solutions for any business, in any industry.

General packaging materials and supplies

Material handling solutions

Orora is a one-stop-shop for material handling products. We offer a diverse range of pallet trucks, bin storage, shelving units, ladders, conveyors, stools, desks, cabinets, signage, protective columns and railings, security gates and more.

General packaging materials and supplies

Superior product range

Orora prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all your industrial packaging and distribution requirements.


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