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Orora provides tailored bag and sack packaging solutions for dry powder and granular product markets, including milk powder, flour, sugar, mineral and building products. From 1kg bags through to 3,000kg, our innovative range includes Orora’s proprietary TearTop® and MaxiPack® bags, as well as our open mouth, valve and self-opening satchel bags.

Leading the way in dairy bag manufacturing, the $20 million upgrade to our bag production facility in Australia combines the latest bag-making technology with the highest food safety standards.

With our advanced production capability, we offer packaging solutions in categories including industrial paper bags, consumer paper bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs or bulk bags).

We also create solutions for specialty products, including other bag formats, woven plastic bags, pallet layer products, sewing crepe paper and more.

Bags and sacks

Industrial sacks

To support our partners in today’s fast-moving markets we bring innovation, specialised skills and global experience to optimise packaging efficiencies throughout the supply chain. Our customised multi-wall bags revolutionise solutions for milk powder, flour, sugar, food additives, chemicals, cement, plaster, starch, gluten and seeds.

Bags and sacks


MaxiPack® is revolutionising multi-wall packaging applications by improving pallet loading, container space efficiency and delivering real bottom line profitability. MaxiPack’s® easy-to-remove inner pouch (polymer) can extend shelf-life, keeping food shipments in better shape. At Orora, we understand that hygiene requirements are critical and to support this we manufacture in our accredited ‘Red Zone’ facility. MaxiPack® also incorporates the patented and highly effective TearTop® feature for easier, cleaner and safer food handling.

Bags and sacks


TearTop® is Orora’s patented easy open feature that allows for quick access to your product and also acts as a tamper-proof security measure that assures hygiene satisfaction. TearTop® improves handling and eliminates the need for knives or blades. It also reduces the potential for contamination within food grade and manufacturing environments.

Bags and sacks

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs or bulk bags)

Orora supplies bulk bags to suit a diverse range of global industries. From bags produced in clean rooms with full traceability through to bags used for daily industrial applications, we have adaptable and innovative bag solutions to support and revolutionise bulk packaging.

Bags and sacks

Consumer paper bags

We create consumer paper bags in a range of sizes and constructions to meet a broad range of packaging requirements. These high impact paper bags enhance the shelf presence of consumer products such as flour, sugar, charcoal and pet litter. We select optimum materials to ensure our bags are sustainable, visually appealing and cost effective.


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