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Orora helps can some of the world’s most loved beverage brands.

The largest and most innovative beverage can supplier across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, we produce aluminium beverage cans, tabs and ends, supported by a powerful suite of enhancements. The markets for Orora’s beverage cans include beer and cider, alcoholic ready-to-drink, carbonated soft drinks, juices, wine and energy drinks.

Collaborating with our customers to grow consumer brands means exploring diverse needs and discovering exciting opportunities. Our state-of-the-art design and print capabilities provide customisable finishes that will bring your brand to life. That’s our promise!

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Aluminum cans

Range of cans – style and size

To meet the varied needs of our customers, Orora manufactures many different aluminium can sizes across three primary diameters of Classic, Sleek and Slim, with each style available in multiple volume options. These cans are perfect for premium brand products and we can further enhan­­ce the look and feel with innovative coatings and speciality inks.

Aluminum cans

Can ends range

Can ends are designed to deliver a quality seal and provide ease of opening for the consumer, while also enabling an enjoyable drinking experience.

Orora’s easy-open ends add convenience for consumers. The ring-pull feature is easy to open yet secure enough to sustain the internal pressure of carbonated beverages. The result is a safe, tamper-evident product that comes in two common sizes of 200 (50mm) and 202 (52mm).

Aluminum cans

Coloured ends & tabs

Coloured can ends and tabs deliver brand impact employing an extensive colour palette. We maximise ongoing brand visibility with customised can ends, applying different colours and mixing with different coloured tabs.


Embossed tabs

To help communicate with your consumer you can emboss text or a symbol onto a can tab which can complement a similar decoration or branding used elsewhere on the can.


Laser incised tabs

Incising is similar to embossing, yet with the text or symbol etched into the surface of the tab. High definition laser incised tabs are available in a variety of colours. We can also incise the underside of the tab for unique consumer promotions.


Full aperture end

This innovative can end enables the entire lid to be removed from the can. Simply pull the ring tab and you can tear away the whole end of the can for a completely different experience, with no need for separate glassware.

Aluminum cans

Resealable ends

Orora’s resealable can ends mean consumers can easily and firmly reseal a carbonated beverage without losing its fizz. The two-step pull provides assurance against tampering and is compatible with most existing filling lines currently on the market, requiring minimal line changes or capital investment.

Aluminum cans

Printing and Decorations

Orora’s Decoration Centre of Excellence (DCE) is home to our specialist team of designers who offer decoration and concept ideas that will bring your can designs to life. Equipped with laser plate generation technology and all the latest decoration techniques, we explore sophisticated printing technologies and can enhancements, testing solutions as well as new ideas to support our customers. Our capabilities include:

  • Tactile inks that deliver textural variation to create an additional sensory experience.
  • Matt over-varnish for a unique, softer appearance.
  • Fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark ink.
  • High quality printing using digital plate technology.
  • Affordable mass customisation of can artwork for randomised projects.
  • Embossing for visual and textural design enhancement.
  • Integrated scannable QR codes for digital consumer engagement.


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