The quality of fresh produce, meat and dairy products on retail outlet shelves is set to improve significantly thanks to an innovative cold-chain monitoring system called Xsense®.

A newly formed exclusive distributorship agreement between Orora Limited and Israel-based BT9 will enable those involved in cold chain management to see the conditions under which perishable products are being stored and transported, from the farm right through to the retail outlet.

“The Xsense® system provides real-time, accessible data allowing prompt cold chain supply decisions, leading to proactive Quality Assurance practices that are visible to all key stakeholders."

“This system is a leader in providing a holistic approach to cold-chain management. It monitors, analyses and disseminates relevant quality data and recommendations throughout the entire cold chain,” said Orora Limited Managing Director and CEO Nigel Garrard.

Costs are significant to all stakeholders when the cold chain supply has been unknowingly compromised. Access to real-time reporting gives those involved along the cold chain an opportunity to strategically intervene before product damage may occur. The Xsense® system’s automated analytics and reports give Orora customers the tools to identify and correct any problems, such as temperature fluctuations, to maintain the quality of perishable products, reduce waste, streamline logistics and increase profitability.

This innovative Xsense® system will complement the fit-for-purpose corrugated cartons and integrated logistics network Orora Fibre Packaging already provide to the Australian market.

“Orora is continually looking for new and innovative ways to add real and demonstrable value to our customer’s business. This technology has been widely used overseas and we are delighted to be able to bring it to Australia for the benefit of Orora customers and, ultimately, for the benefit of all Australians who buy and consume products that depend upon effective cold chain operations,” Mr Garrard said.

“We will work with our customers to tailor solutions using the Xsense® system and further improve supply-chain performance”.

In October, Orora Limited also announced a strategic partnership with AHG Refrigerated Logistics. These announcements complement the company’s strategy of providing a complete packaging solution to the market, focusing on product and service innovations that add value for customers.