What’s faster, stronger and better for the environment?

Orora made a statement investment in Australian manufacturing when it installed the ‘B9’ paper machine at its New South Wales’ Botany mill in 2012, heralding a new era of paper manufacturing for Australia and New Zealand.

B9 is the ninth paper machine at Botany – hence its name; replacing two predecessors, as well as one machine in Victoria, Australia. This world-class mill is now the pillar of Orora’s Paper and Recycling business, servicing all of our paper requirements and contributing significant reductions in Orora’s water and energy usage, and waste to landfill.

While the basics of the paper-making process have been largely unchanged for centuries, the technology of B9 enables Orora to create an expansive range of high quality, 100% recycled paper grades operating at the highest output rates in the Southern hemisphere.

Orora’s specialised onsite team of highly skilled operators and process experts are rigorously trained in paper production, to manage the deceptively complex technology and manufacturing processes of B9, and ensure that the mill’s capacity and capabilities are fully leveraged.

Each year, our recycling business collects around 550,000 tonnes of pre and post-consumer waste paper material, and about 450,000 tonnes is put to use as feed stock for recycled paper production. 

The recovered waste paper is fed into a pulper (like a huge blender), which starts the process designed to clean and separate the fibrous component. As we ‘clean’, we remove more and more unwanted materials including metal, plastic, staples and printers’ inks and glues. Once processed, this prepared fibre is suitable to feed in to the B9 paper machine, to be transformed into rolls of recycled paper.

The 100% recycled paper produced by B9 is a stronger, more efficient and versatile product that is then converted into corrugated board through our Fibre Packaging business or exported to Orora in North America. The paper off of the machine is cleaner and significantly smoother, meaning printability is improved for higher impact packaging.

B9 produces recycled paper 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. Outputting a staggering 382,000 tonnes in FY16, the machine is expected to be even more productive in FY17, generating its intended design production capacity of greater than 390,000 tonnes of recycled paper.

B9 powers Orora and its customers forward – by delivering real efficiencies, streamlining production costs, substantially reducing waste, maximising quality, improving consistency and ultimately, making innovative and effective packaging and service solutions possible.