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Orora’s in-built Innovation and Design capability gives you access to a diverse and talented team, with experience across brand, graphic and industrial design, engineering and multimedia. A team that is 100% focused on enhancing the performance of your brands through effective, integrated packaging solutions.

Together, we work through a highly inclusive discovery process which provides every opportunity for you to refine your project’s focus during the early stages of collaboration; from confirmation of an initial return brief to creating an ideas shortlist and prototyping concepts, our work is continuously honed to target your brief.

Comprised of five stages, we begin discovery by scoping to better understand your business, its brands and objectives. We seek to uncover your packaging needs and challenges, and identify key criteria for your project to provide clarity as we sift through ideas later on.

Exhaustive research is undertaken, to delve into the retail enablers in your sector and identify opportunities through consumer trends and insights. We then develop strategies for responding to your brief in a way that speaks to your customers and differentiates your brand from its competitors.  

This research is used to stimulate creativity and facilitate collaborative ideation sessions within our business and with our customers, which can produce as many as 100 focused ideas and drive meaningful design responses for your brand and product. Ideation is followed by review, to critically assess and identify ideas that make the grade for concept development against your essential criteria.

The best ideas are developed into strategic packaging and brand concepts using digital techniques, such as sketches and illustrations, 3D visualisations and animations that seek to demonstrate brand, materials, form and functionality. Concepts can be shown in context, such as a retail environment or consumer interaction. Highly finished, accurate prototypes can be created, representing all packaging materials and formats. Concepts are then reviewed and a solution emerges.

As the solution progresses from discovery through to the realisation process, the Innovation and Design team connects with Orora’s specialised packaging divisions, who have the experience, know-how and technology to bring your solution to life. From development and feasibility, to production and launch, we can partner with you on any pack format to ensure your brand and product objectives are delivered.

Orora’s enduring focus on sustainable design principles turns our attention to more than just the aesthetics of your product – we have a unique approach to developing optimum packaging solutions through our focus on the 4 R’s; Reduce use, Recycle, Recovery and Renewable. Applying this lens, as well as intense scrutiny on efficiencies throughout your product’s lifecycle, you are guaranteed a complete, innovative, commercial and thoughtful packaging solution.