With a shared commitment to sustainability, Orora and Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) have joined forces to develop a closed loop system for recycling glass from TWE’s packaging centre.

TWE Barossa is TWE’s largest bottling operation in Australia. More than 250 employees work at the site across six bottling lines, where they package more than 200 million bottles of wine per year.

When you’re bottling in such high volumes, there’s bound to be a few breakages and some left-over stock. So, with a core focus on sustainability, TWE and Orora have come together to design a closed loop recycling system to manage all waste glass from the site.

100% of the cullet received goes back into the furnace at Orora Glass, where it is melted down so that it can be made into new wine bottles. This creates a complete closed loop system for recycling TWE wine bottles. The best part is – glass is infinitely recyclable – so this process can continue… forever!

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