A total packaging solutions partner that takes your business personally.

Orora Packaging Solutions’ Strategic Accounts team offers national and international customers a holistic and focused approach to continuous improvement, incorporating an array of benefits designed to lower your overall cost of doing business.

Orora Packaging Solutions (OPS) draws on 70 years of packaging experience, its global footprint and sourcing capabilities and a local, personalised approach to service in order to develop packaging solutions that enable customers to achieve maximum efficiencies and economies of scale.

The OPS Strategic Accounts team specialises in developing packaging solutions across market segments such as technology, food, automotive, healthcare and medical, distribution and logistics, and general manufacturing, enabling a diverse range of customers to streamline and simplify their operations.

The process begins with an in-depth consultation; listening and learning to our customers to better understand their unique requirements so that our team can recommend solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. With this knowledge, OPS deploys a select team of experts to partner with your business and develop a custom supply and service model to drive ongoing business improvements.

These solutions include, but are not limited to, multi-pronged improvement plans, from supplier consolidation and product standardisation, to improved inventory management and supply chain optimisation. Each total packaging solution is completely customised and can incorporate centralised services, specific cost reduction programs, packaging design and engineering services, sustainability and ebusiness solutions – all supported by a dedicated Strategic Accounts Director and a customer-centric service model 100% focused on facilitating multi-site value creation for your business.

Working together, we can take your packaging design to a new level of efficiency, engineering packaging that is built around your product. OPS designers leverage the latest software to create a solution that minimises materials, speeds turnaround on rendering and prototypes, reduces manufacturing costs, optimises weight and size, and enhances marketability.

We deliberately innovate to minimise environmental impacts, improve your bottom line by eliminating over-packaging, enhance product protection and waste prevention, ensure an ethical and responsible supply chain, and reduce the carbon footprint and freight costs associated with your products. 

OPS also empowers your business with advanced eBusiness tools that provide critical information 24/7, solve procurement challenges by increasing ordering efficiency, streamline processes and improve accuracy across your supply chain.

With our relentless emphasis on continuous improvement, we strive to reduce overall costs across all your locations.