Since listing in December 2013, Orora has maintained a disciplined focus on delivering in accordance with its stated strategy.

This strategy is articulated through Orora’s shareholder value creation blueprint which outlines the value-creating activities that will contribute to future success and provides a framework against which Orora holds itself accountable to shareholders.

Orora’s strategy for creating shareholder value is a multi-faceted approach, comprising:

Organic growth

  1. In Australasia, by virtue of operating within good market structures and primarily servicing the defensive end markets of food and beverage, Orora seeks to deliver GDP based revenue growth enhanced by innovation.
  2. In North America, Orora expects to supplement GDP based industry revenue growth with market share gains and increased sales to existing customers via a solutions service and product offering and innovation.

Returns focused approach to capital allocation encompassing three avenues:

  1. Organic growth capital – entailing customer backed growth investments.
  2. Bolt on M&A – representing acquisitions that expand North America’s footprint and/or increase its product capability.
  3. Adjacent M&A – comprising acquisitions that expand Orora into parallel packaging substrates or markets.

Sustainable dividend

Orora’s seeks to provide shareholders with a steady income stream through an indicated dividend payout ratio of 60%-70% of net profit after tax. Dividends will be franked to the extent practicable (estimated approximately 30%).

With a healthy balance sheet and strong cash flows, Orora is well positioned for a period of accelerated innovation, continued enhancements to its core business operations and strategic investments to drive future growth for shareholders.

Investing in our growth

Orora has committed to invest approximately $675 million in innovation and growth since listing on the ASX in December 2013. Learn more.