We are committed to promoting ethical and honest behaviour and ensuring that Orora team members feel safe and secure in their work environment.

Orora recognises the importance of honesty, integrity and fairness in conducting its business, and is committed to increasing shareholder value in conjunction with fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. All Directors, managers and team members are expected to act with the utmost integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of the Company.

Orora believes that it is not only required to abide by the national laws in each country in which it operates, but that it must also conduct its business in accordance with internationally accepted practices and procedures.

These core principles, which the Board and senior management of Orora are committed to upholding, are encapsulated in our key corporate governance policies.

Orora Integrity Reporting

Orora is committed to promoting ethical and honest behaviour and ensuring that Orora team members feel safe and secure in their work environment.  In support of this commitment,  we operate an anonymous Integrity Reporting Service through an independent third party to facilitate reporting by co-workers of potential misconduct in the workplace, including:

  • Theft
  • Harassment
  • Fraud
  • Unethical/illegal behaviour
  • Dishonesty
  • Workplace safety hazards
  • Discrimination

This service ensures that, in line with legislation in many parts of the world, team members can raise concerns regarding inappropriate conduct in good faith without being subjected to victimisation, harassment or discriminatory treatment and to having such concerns properly investigated.  We recognise that reporting such behaviour in good faith is an important aspect of each team member's role within the Company.

The Integrity Reporting Service provides many benefits, including the opportunity for management to reinforce relevant policies and make changes to current procedures where applicable.

Each report to the Integrity Reporting Service is investigated thoroughly and appropriate action taken where necessary. Matters raised via the Orora Integrity Reporting Service are reported to the Board of Orora.

To contact the Integrity Reporting Service, please email: ororagroup@deloitte.com.au.

Complaints and Feedback

Orora is committed to the highest level of corporate governance and encourages both disclosure and whistle-blowing where appropriate.

To help facilitate this, a third party complaints email facility has been established to enable third parties such as suppliers, consumers, contractors and customers to report potential misconduct within the organisation. This service is hosted by Deloitte, who will review any reports, and submit them, anonymously if appropriate, to Orora senior management for investigation.

If you are aware of any potential misconduct within Orora please contact Deloitte via: ororagroup@deloitte.com.au.

As this facility is for complaints only, any curriculum vitaes, marketing or advertising material received will be ignored.