Keeping cyber safe

Unfortunately, the incidence of online / tech recruitment fraud is increasing.

Those involved in recruitment fraud will often offer fake job opportunities to job seekers. Fraudsters will often target job seekers with job listings that don’t exist, either to gain financial or personal data as part of identity theft.

  • This tends to occur through online services including fake recruitment e-mails, fake text messages, fake websites, illegitimate social media accounts, fake job postings via online recruitment services such as LinkedIn or unsolicited emails claiming to be from well-known organisations. Often legitimate company employee names, branding and logos are used to try to hide the illegitimacy.

In some cases, these scams may use Company branding without Authority or attempt to impersonate staff without their knowledge.

Orora takes this fraud very seriously and is working to raise awareness to prevent people from becoming victims of employment scams.

To check if the communication you have received is legitimate, please review the guidance below:

  • Verify the email address - We will never use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other non-official email account to communicate with potential candidates.
  • Formal interview process - In most cases the individual being approached has not applied for a vacancy with Orora. Orora won’t make job offers without performing a formal interview process.
  • We won’t ask for money - Orora will never request money from candidates who seek employment with us.
  • Orora website pages always include
  • Legitimate information regarding career opportunities with Orora can always be found on our website at
  • If you believe you have been contacted with a fraudulent offer or opportunity, please contact us