We see bringing together people from different backgrounds and with different ways of thinking as a powerful source of competitive advantage in driving better decision-making, innovation and growth at Orora.

Inclusive leadership

To be successful, leaders must respect and embrace the differences our people represent. This means pro-actively seeking out diverse perspectives when making decisions and actively engaging with team members who have different backgrounds and who bring different experiences. 

One of our priorities is to build the capability of our leaders to demonstrate inclusive behaviours to drive a courageous and innovative culture that reflects the richness of the communities we operate in. 

We’ve delivered inclusive leadership capability workshops (along with an external partner) for leaders across Orora to build awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion, and importantly, learn ways to recognise and challenge our unconscious biases. 

A measured approach

We monitor and track our diversity progress quarterly with robust global governance, reporting each year in our Annual Report, while our talent acquisition team works tirelessly to identify new and creative ways to attract and engage people from diverse backgrounds to our industry and our workplace.

With a strong focus on equity and inclusion we’re creating a culture where team members of different backgrounds and abilities, with different ways of thinking, can show up as themselves, bring their best and collaborate with respect and openness.

Women in Leadership at Orora (WILO)

This tailored development and networking program for Women in Leadership at Orora (WILO) was first launched in August 2016, with programs since delivered across North America, Australia and New Zealand and the first global program delivered virtually in 2021.  

The WILO program is designed for motivated women who are future-oriented, aspiring to create more in their working life. Participants engage in a range of educational, networking and experiential learning activities. 

Through this program, we aim to cultivate a diverse leadership talent pipeline at Orora by helping our women build their confidence and leadership skills, and grow their professional networks to thrive and succeed in their careers to realise their full potential. 

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council is made up of team members from diverse functional teams, geographies and backgrounds, who meet regularly to discuss our diversity-related initiatives, and to champion and advance activities in support of all Orora team members.