Bringing together people with different backgrounds and ways of thinking in our workplace is a powerful source of competitive advantage in driving better decision-making, innovation and growth at Orora.

A note from our Managing Director and CEO, Nigel Garrard:

“Our vision is to be the industry-leading packaging solutions company, delivering on our promise every day. The way will do this is through our people. Each of us play a critical role in continuing to deliver on the promise for our customers, shareholders and each other.

Bringing together people with different backgrounds and ways of thinking in our workplace is a powerful source of competitive advantage in driving better decision-making, innovation and growth at Orora.

Our people are our point of difference. Our aim is to find ways of engaging everyone so that people feel they have opportunities to express their point of view and are included in decision making.

At the heart of leveraging on the diversity within our teams are our Values, which set out our expectations about how we treat each other, and our leadership capabilities which set out how we aim to connect and engage with each other to reach our full potential as distinctive leaders.

Our Diversity Strategy is integral to achieving our strategic plan, The Orora Way. It highlights our commitment to having diversity and inclusion as part of our DNA by outlining the actions we will take to attract and retain talent, achieve more effective alignment and team performance, and ultimately outperformance.”

Inclusive leadership: challenging unconscious bias

To be successful, leaders must respect and embrace the differences our people represent. This means pro-actively seeking out diverse perspectives when making decisions and actively engaging with team members who have different backgrounds and experiences. 

One of our priorities is to build the capability of our people to demonstrate inclusive leadership behaviours to drive a culture of outperformance. 

We have partnered with an external organisation to deliver inclusive leadership capability workshops for our leaders across Orora. The workshop builds awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion, and importantly, ways to recognise and challenge our unconscious biases. 

Our diversity targets

Orora announced a gender diversity target for the end of FY2017, with 30% of new hires to be female. We monitor and track this globally on a quarterly basis, and our talent acquisition team works tirelessly to identify new and innovative ways to attract and engage people from diverse backgrounds to our industry.

Women in Leadership at Orora (WILO) program 

A tailored development and networking program for Women in Leadership at Orora (WILO) was launched in August 2016. The program is designed for motivated women who are future-oriented, aspiring to create more in their working life.  Participants engage in a range of educational, networking and experiential learning activities. 

Through this program, we aim to develop a diverse leadership pipeline by helping our women realise their full potential and develop leadership skills to thrive and succeed in their career at Orora. It provides a unique experience, grounded in the principle of shared responsibility, which aligns women, their people leader, buddy, mentor, executive and board members as proactive supporters and coaches of development.

In keeping with the Orora culture and values, we work together to achieve greater individual, team and organisational results.

Our 'Champions of Change' network 

A network of 15 senior leader champions have connected to advocate and influence sustainable improvement in gender equality at Orora. This group is chaired by our CEO, Nigel Garrard. We believe this network will further support our ability to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion and diversity, and to drive better decision making, innovation and growth in our global business.

Our partnership with National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO) in Australia

We are proud to be a Gold Corporate Member of the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO). We share a vision of women and men being equally represented and valued at every level and work together to develop and support the pipeline of women working in ‘operational’ businesses or functions as they progress through to business leadership and executive roles.

Our Diversity Council

Our Diversity Council is made up of eight team members from diverse functional teams, locations and backgrounds, who meet regularly to discuss diversity-related initiatives, statistics and to champion activities in support of all Orora team members.