We deliver through the unique and specialised talents of our people. It follows that investing in our people is core to our future success and developing our people is critical to delivering on our commitments.

Developing our talent

Orora team members across the world demonstrate courage, passion, commitment and the flexibility to adapt to new and innovative ways of working while safely meeting the needs of our customers, day-in and day-out.

Unleashing each person’s full potential is how good businesses become great. At Orora, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader. Our values articulate the character of the Orora team and the behaviours you can expect when you do business with us.

We are committed to partnering with each of our team members to bring out the best in their skills, talent and experience, and to create and support opportunities that develop every individual career. Development opportunities may include a combination of new experiences, exposure to learning through others (such as coaching and mentoring) as well as learning through educational programs. 

Distinctive leadership

At Orora, we believe that distinctive leadership, demonstrated by every one of us, is critical to our ability to nurture a culture of excellence. Distinctive leaders ignite greatness in themselves and spark the potential in teams.

We are values-based, vision-led and purpose driven and have confidence that everyone is always performing to the best of their ability.

Our Orora Leadership Framework empowers each team member’s individual development journey. It is the foundation of distinctive leadership behaviour for all of our team members. 

Recognising our people

Some of the ways we reward and recognise our people are through our awards programs.

Orora Heroes

The Orora Hero Awards is a global program that recognises and rewards individuals or teams who have heroically excelled in one of the seven categories: customer focus, safety, financial discipline, operational excellence, our people, innovation and sustainability.

Living the Orora Values (LOV)

The Living the Orora Values (LOV) Awards recognise team members who have exemplified the Orora values as they go about their work – demonstrating Teamwork, Passion, Integrity and Respect.