We deliver outperformance through our people. It follows that investing in our people is core to future success. Developing our people is critical to delivering on the packaging promise.

Developing outperformers

We deliver outperformance through our people. It follows that investing in our people is core to future success.  Developing our people is critical to delivering on the packaging promise. 

Unleashing each person’s full potential is how good businesses become great. At Orora, we believe everyone is a leader. The behaviour our team members aspire to is articulated in our leadership capabilities, together with our values.

We are committed to partnering with our team members to leverage experience and opportunities to develop every career appropriately. Development opportunities can include a combination of new experiences, exposure through others (such as coaching and mentoring) and learning through educational programs. 

The Orora Global University is a unique online development avenue. Our people can brush up on IT skills via e-learning modules or participate in specific face-to-face training on a variety of critical business capabilities to support ongoing learning. 

Developing our future leaders (Internships)

Anna (pictured right) is completing a double bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering and Science at Monash University. She works two days per week to balance her study load, working in Orora’s Sustainability and Environment team. As part of our inaugural female-only intern program, this team is partnering with the National Association of Women in Operations to actively provide opportunities to attract and develop women in non-traditional roles/industries.

Anna has been interested in the environment and science since secondary school. In addition to her studies, she took the opportunity to complete an exchange program to the Netherlands where she completed an internship on the best disposal of polylactic acid in the Dutch waste system. On returning from the Netherlands Anna volunteered with Earthcare St Kilda, where she assisted with relocating penguins that were in dangerous locations along St Kilda Pier. The program ensured sustainable construction of the new pier and minimal impact on the penguins.

Distinctive leadership

At Orora, we believe that distinctive leadership, demonstrated by everyone, is critical to our ability to nurture a culture of excellence. Distinctive leaders ignite greatness in themselves and spark the potential in teams.

We are values-based, vision-led and purpose driven – everyone is performing to the best of their ability.

Our Orora Leadership Framework empowers each individual development journey. It is the foundation of distinctive leadership behaviour for all team members. 

Recognising our people

Some of the ways we reward and recognise our people are through our awards programs.

Orora Heroes

The Orora Hero Awards program recognises and rewards heroic achievement in four outperformance categories: customer focus, safety, financial discipline, and our people.

Heroes are respected and admired for their courage and outstanding achievements. Heroes take initiative and make things happen. Heroes make a difference.

Living the Orora Values (LOV)

The Living the Orora Values (LOV) Awards program recognises team members who have exemplified the Orora values – Teamwork, Passion, Integrity and Respect.