Our commitment to safety is ongoing. We continuously look for new and improved ways to deliver on our safety strategy.

Safety is a critical priority at Orora. Maintaining the safety, health and wellbeing of our team members, suppliers and customers is of paramount importance, as everyone should return home safely after working each day.

Guiding our approach is Orora’s five-year occupational health and safety strategy, which is based on four key objectives:

  1. Leadership: building on the existing commitment of leaders throughout the business to deliver an enhanced safety culture.
  2. Safety management system: continuing the evolution of our existing system to effectively manage safety risk.
  3. Plant and equipment design: ensuring all facilities and equipment are suitably designed and maintained for safe operation.
  4. Capability: continuing to develop our people so they are equipped to manage safety within their areas of responsibility.

Safety leadership is a vital element of a successful safety culture. With this in mind, we introduced the Orora Safety Leadership Program to better equip leaders with the skills to manage safety more effectively. The program incorporates strategic research and industry proven techniques to instil discipline and commitment. It also provides an appreciation of the personal value of safety leadership within our teams.

Orora’s senior leadership team continues our commitment to proactively manage safety in the workplace. In practice, this means dedicating sufficient resources to safeguard our people and regularly engaging with team members to develop appropriate safety strategies. Orora’s safety leadership tour program complements the company’s efforts to mitigate the risk of serious injury or fatality (SIF) incidents across all sites and facilities.