We work towards reducing the impact of our operations via our EcoTargets

Our targets were announced on World Environment Day 2014, and were to be achieved by 30 June 2019.

These targets aimed to reduce CO2 emissions, waste to landfill and water use, measured as intensities against Orora’s net revenue.

These targets were cascaded to site level to ensure that each site had a stake in delivering on our EcoTargets.

Orora has, pleasingly, surpassed all EcoTargets for Co2, Waste to Landfill and Water, including reductions in the use of potable water

Globally, we have achieved:

  • 28% reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) intensity
  • 28% reduction in waste to landfill intensity
  • 15% reduction in water use intensity

Performance against the EcoTargets was achieved despite increasing production and successful commissioning of significant new plants such as the Botany Mill.

Orora is now developing new EcoTargets, to be announced during this financial year.

Orora’s existing approach to environmental performance will continue, including the focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.