We oppose all forms of slavery in our operations and the operations of our suppliers

What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery refers to situations where one person takes away another person's freedom so that they can be exploited. "Modern slavery" is an umbrella term, encompassing the offences of slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, forced marriage and human trafficking.

Our commitment

We have always been committed to our people, and the protection of human rights.  We oppose all forms of slavery in our operations and the operations of our suppliers.

We are committed to identifying, assessing and mitigating human rights impacts, providing access to remedy through effective grievance or complaint mechanisms and ensuring continuous improvement to strengthen our actions.

Why do we focus on modern slavery?

Sustainability is core to Orora’s approach in achieving our strategic goals, by reducing our impact on society and the environment, and maintaining the respect and support of our people and the communities in which we operate. 

Our sustainability efforts are guided by our three pillar program of People, Planet and Prosperity, which aligns to our obligations as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.  

Addressing modern slavery is a journey of continual improvement at Orora. 

Our Modern Slavery Statements

Our Modern Slavery Statements are prepared on a consolidated basis for the Orora Group (Orora Limited, as the parent company, together with its subsidiaries) – although not all of the entities in the Orora Group are subject to both or either of the Australian Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act or Californian Transparency in Supply Chains Act.

Each year, our statements will build upon the depth of our previous modern slavery work.

Orora Modern Slavery Statement FY20
Orora Modern Slavery Statement FY21
Orora Modern Slavery Statement FY22
Orora Modern Slavery Statement FY23